About Us

BTS Mission Statement

Breaking the Silence™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of child abuse realities and prevention techniques through survivor empowerment and community education.

BTS Values

One child hurt is too many.
Child abuse is not a family matter, it's a crime.
Child abuse is, therefore, everybody's problem.
Child abuse is, far too often, an intergenerational cycle.
Silence protects only the perpetrators, and preserves the cycle.
Breaking the silence is the only way to break the cycle.
We all can, and should, make a difference.

BTS Vision

The preservation of innocence.
Safety, love, and nurturance for children.
Justice for victims.
Visibility for survivors.
Accountability for perpetrators.
Society committed to protecting its young.
Elimination of child abuse.

BTS Methods

Empowerment of Survivors
     - Publishing Volumes of Survivors Speak
     - Presentations of VDW Medallions
     - Open Microphone for Survivors
     - Displays of Survivor Art
     - Guest Lecture Training for Survivors
Education of the Community
     - Displays of the Wall & Book of Tears
     - Providing Community Guest Lectures
     - Providing Panels of Experts
     - BTS Informational Tabling (Other Events)
     - Other Organizations Tabling (Our Events)