Spotlight: Raijon Daniels

Raijon Daniels

8 Years Old

Richmond, CA

Died Oct. 2006

Cause of Death:
Child Abuse

Raijon spent the majority of the last year of his life tied to his bed and locked in his bedroom under audio and video surveillance. In his autopsy, the medical examiner found various injuries to his body in various stages of healing, and chemical burns on his genital area which were believed to be caused by punitive pouring of household cleaner on his genitals.

According to school officials, Raijon was malnourished. His "…mother insisted that he was on a special diet and was adamant that the school not feed him."

According to law enforcement, Raijon ran away 3 times and was returned each time without investigation. One of those times he "…jumped from a second-floor window to escape from home."

"There were obvious signs along the way that Raijon was in trouble. Yet none of the people one would expect to pick up on them and do something - his teachers, the police, county social workers, neighbors, or his relatives - did anything to protect him."

Sources: Contra Costa Times, 2006 & San Jose Mercury News, 2006