Survivors Speak

Finding our Voice... Discovering our Power!

"As she climbed down from the stage I thought: This is what courage is. It's not just living through the nightmare, it's doing something with it afterward. It's being brave enough to talk about it to other people. It's trying to organize to change things. And suddenly I felt so sick to death of my own silence that I needed to speak too. It wasn't that there was something in particular I was burning to say. I didn't even know what it would be. I just needed to open my throat for once and hear my own voice. And I was afraid if I let this moment pass, I might never be brave enough to try again." ~Leslie Feinberg from Stone Butch Blues

About the Survivors Speak Series

Survivors Speak are books of child abuse survivorship and healing writing and art... for everyone who will dare to read them... because silence only protects the abusers! After a lifetime of living in the shroud of silence that was imposed upon us, child abuse survivors everywhere are finding our voices… and we demand to be heard!

Survivors Speak
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Survivors Speak
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Survivors Speak
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